About Us

There are many karate schools to choose from, how do you choose among them? There are several things that distinguish Esposito’s Karate Fitness Center from the rest:

We have been in business in the same location for over 35 years.

  • Grandmaster Esposito is the primary instructor of the adult karate program. This allows students to learn directly from a grandmaster, which is a rare privilege.
  • Our Kids Karate Program is affordable, flexible, and fun for students of all levels. We have a specialized program that helps fit busy schedules with no long term commitment.
  • We have a full fitness facility including treadmills, StairMasters, ArcTrainers, full Cybex Circuit, and over 15,000 lbs. of Olympic Freeweights.
  • We are also the proud host of the Goshinkan Aikido offering lessons for children and adults.

We are committed to providing excellent martial arts instruction to each and every student. We place a strong emphasis on discipline and respect and motivate people to achieve their goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle in an exciting and challenging environment.

We are proud of the quality of training we offer and invite you to come and see for yourself!