Esposito’s is a gym as well as a karate teaching center. My experience is with the children’s karate classes (although I have been tempted by the offer for gym access for parents during the karate term…). My 8 year old has done karate off and on for several years, and is now an orange belt. The children’s classes are grouped by age and a range of belt levels. There are always multiple teachers: generally a Sensei and “Delta Corps” teenagers with higher level belts so that after a warm-up with the entire group, the class is split up into smaller groups according to skill level. There are families who clearly spend a lot of time here – with adults and children taking karate classes. We are a family who just does a once a week karate class, and feel welcome. ¬†At the time of this review they are offering FirstYoga (child, parent/child) classes and TaiChi (just starting). We have done the “pizza and movie night” which facilitates a night out for Mom & Dad (while you leave your child at Esposito’s). I know they have very early morning gym hours (4:30 am) by keycard. Since I am not a gym member, can’t tell you more. This is a great local community karate teaching center.

Claire W.,