Adult Karate

Why should you join our Adult Karate Program? 

  • Our adult program is directly taught by Grandmaster Joe Esposito. Though he has assistants, he is directly involved in each of his student’s training. This is not the type of school where you only see the Grandmaster when you attain a certain rank. From white belt to black belt and beyond, you are trained by the best we have to offer.
  •  We are a stable, tried and true, karate school. Most schools never make it past five years, but we have been in business in the same location for over 37 years!
  • Our classes offer a great workout while challenging each student to integrate their techniques in a fast pace environment. There is a great joy in accomplishment as we push each student to their personal best in a system where each belt is truly earned.
  • We are a full fitness facility; each adult membership includes a fitness membership.
  • It is an opportunity to challenge yourself to new heights. We are happy to invite visitors to come watch a class, we believe that it’s the best way to see what we have to offer.
  • Our rates are affordable!