Youth Karate

Our Kids Karate Program is outstanding!
How do we support this claim?

  • A picture is worth a thousand words, a visit to our class is worth a million. We highly encourage people to see a class in action, that is the best support for our claim.
  • We offer several different class times for each age group, offering the opportunity to come once a week or more depending on your schedule. This flexible class schedule and the ability to come once a week, offers a full engagement of the martial arts and allows a young student to participate in other sports and hobbies as well.
  • We run our classes on a semester system with four semesters per year; this means there are no long term contracts or pressure sales. We are very successful at teaching, therefore we are very successful at keeping our students.
  • Our students learn! Our school is outstanding because the children can perform their karate techniques well and with understanding.
  • Our students have fun! Our classes are designed to be energetic, enthusiastic, and outright fun. We play games, tell jokes, and laugh. These things are a part of childhood, and we don’t attempt to remove them, but use them to strengthen our lessons.
  • Our rates are affordable!

Children can start karate at all ages.  Some begin as young as 4 1/2 others begin as teenagers.  Our classes breakdown by age and rank.

  • Dynomites class (Ages 4 1/2 through 7) White belt to purple belt
  • Juniors class (Ages 7 1/2 through teenage) White belt to purple belt
  • Advanced Juniors (Blue belt to Green belt)
  • Higher rank classes are specifically listed
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Our Leadership Programs

swatSWAT – At Esposito’s Karate/Fitness Center we are dedicated to training our students with more than just kicks and punches. We aim to teach the mental strengths of positive attitude, confidence, character, courtesy, and self-discipline.

As a child progresses in his or her martial training the instructors are on the lookout for those students who exhibit a special winning attitude. We look for students who not only perform well physically, but also posess the internal mental drive to achieve and accomplish their goals. We offer our SWAT team:

  • The ability to help and assist the senseis during classes. This gives each SWAT member active leadership training while they serve as kid role models for those that they help.
  • The SWAT members also have their own special classes to both learn new skills, but also share the experiences they had while assisting in classes and get leadership advice.
  • SWAT rewards its members with Gold Star patches for every 10 classes that they assist. When they have earned 10 Gold Stars, they are eligible for our DELTA team.


deltaDELTA – A SWAT member becomes part of the DELTA team when they have 10 Stars on their lapel. That means that they have assisted in 100 classes!

A DELTA team member has proven to be: 

Dedicated: They have recorded a significant amount of time in their own training and assisting others.

Enthusiastic: They are confident in their abilities, relating energetically and positively with others.

Loyal: The DELTA team supports each other in training and offers extra time and energy to the school. Because of these traits, DELTA team members are given more teaching responsibilities in the classes they assist. Instead of working with a single student, they may work with an entire group.

The DELTA team, like our SWAT team, has its own special benefits for members:

  • The DELTA team wears a special red gi top.
  • They have their own special classes.
  • They participate in demonstrations.

paddedPadded Weapons – Esposito’s Karate/Fitness Center is proud to offer a new padded weapons program. This program is currently being taught only to our Junior Black Belts; it is yet another motivation for our students to strive for black belts. It is our hope that this program may be made available to more of our student base in the near future.

Our padded weapons program allows students to train and develop the skills of weapons fighting using completely safe padded weapons. Unlike the wooden practice weapons of the past, the padded weapons allow students to be more flexible and aggressive without fear of injury. These padded weapons allow our students to apply the learned technique to the live trials of sparring.

Keep your eyes open for more details as they are available!

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