2nd Degree Black Belt
Sensei Houle began martial arts at the age of 15, where he studied Shito-Ryu under Sensei Crawley in Holyoke, Mass. From the very beginning, he was attracted to the self-discipline and strong moral foundation of the martial arts. He received his 3rd degree brown belt before moving on to attend the University of Vermont. During college Sensei Houle studied Judo and White Tiger Kung Fu. Between 1986 and 1988, Sensei Houle lived and studied in Freiburg, Germany. During this time, he studied Tai Chi with Sifu Georg Muster.

After graduating from the University of Vermont with degrees in Chemistry and German, Sensei Houle began studying martial arts with Grandmaster Joe Esposito in January 1990. Between 1991 and 1993, Sensei Houle lived and worked in Niigata, Japan where he worked as a research chemist. During his stay in Japan, he studied Aikido at the Niigata Sports Club.

In December 1997, Sensei Houle received his first degree black belt from Grand Master Esposito, followed by his second degree black belt in September of 2004. Sensei Houle is currently an active teacher and student of the Esposito’s Academy of Self Defense.