2nd Degree Black Belt

Sensei Rob started his martial arts career over 20 years ago and has been an instructor for the past 12 years. He started learning the martial arts because he was fascinated with what he saw on TV and in the movies as a kid. He has always loved the focus on the mental and spiritual development that the martial arts offers – which is never taught to the same degree in any traditional sport training systems.

Sensei Rob is a consulting psychologist and certified sport psychologist who also provides training to individuals and organizations on how to perform their best. Sensei Rob is listed on the U.S. Olympic Training Center’s Sport Psychology Registry and has spoken internationally on various topics concerning sport psychology.

Sensei Rob has written many articles for professional journals, newspapers and magazines and has also co-authored a chapter in a popular sport psychology textbook. Sensei Rob has just recently published his first book entitled, “Black Belt For Life: A Memoir of Personal Development and the Martial Arts”.